This is done with care not to annoy, lock out or erroneously notify visitors!

124 448 sites are using this notification

25 656 435 visitors have already updated their browser


  1. Include our small javascript notification on your website
  2. Visitors with out-dated browser will be informed by a small, undisturbing message box, that their browser is not up-to-date and it is recommended to update. (Try it out!)
    お使いのウェブブラウザ (Internet Explorer 6) は古すぎます。安全性と快適さを向上させ、このサイトで最高の体験が出来るよう、お使いのブラウザをアップデートしましょう。ブラウザをアップデートする 無視する
  3. By clicking the message, they will get to an info page with reasons why to update (or change) and a list of browsers available for their system.
    download firefox/internet explorer/chrome/opera to update your browser
  4. If the visitor ignores the advice, it won't reappear for some time.

Advantages and features


Just include this code anywhere in the source of your page.


The script and service is open source under the MIT License.

You can customize the style of the message, the text and other options.

There are plugins for:

npm WordPress vue.js ember-cli TYPO3 Contao vBulletin concrete5 MODx Drupal Habari Magento WCF2 CMS made simple XenForo ProcessWire Rapidweaver


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